Change Your Handwriting Change Your Life !

How it works, why it works, & what grapho-therapy can do for you.

A Special Report By Bart Baggett.

Is it really possible to improve your life simply by changing your penmanship? The answer is an emphatic “Yes, Absolutely !” It really is that simple. This technique for self- improvement is called Grapho-Therapy. This is probably the most misunderstood topic that I teach as part of my handwriting analysis programs. As you read this special report, you’ll discover, maybe for the first time in your life, why you have or have not achieved success in many areas of your life. You may decide that you want to choose the science of handwriting analysis to assist you in making your life better! As you probably already know, handwriting analysis is uncannily accurate. What you may not already know is how you can use it to positively affect your life and those around you. What’s more… it can be more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Read on to find out more.
How Handwriting Analysis changed my life.

As I often mention during TV interviews, I began learning handwriting when I was just fourteen. Learning this tool when I was young made a big difference in how people responded to me. The most profound effect was not because everyone I met wanted their handwriting analyzed. Many people didn’ t even know I knew that skill. What they did notice is they like who I had become…better.That“ new me” was a direct result of the huge effect that grapho – therapy had on my personality.

Once you decide to make a few simple changes in your handwriting, people around you will notice the added sense of personal power, purpose, and self respect that you now hold.It is that powerful… Now, of course, when I was 14 years old I was not“ educated enough” to know if this was totally silly or incredibly scientific.In other words, I didn’ t have all these limiting beliefs about what was“ possible” and what was“ impossible.” You may know a lot of these people…some closed minded or some even over educated or even well meaning adults that think they“ know what’ s possible” and know“ what is possible for you.”When, in fact, they have no idea what’s possible because they’ re so stuck in their own way of thinking they think they already know everything.

Well luckily, I was a teenager, and I was too naive to doubt that you couldn’ t just change your handwriting and change your personality.So I just did it, I changed my handwriting.And within 30 days I noticed I felt more confidence, I could talk to people that I didn’ t talk to before, my grades went from B’ s up to A’ s.Over the next year, all kinds of great things happened.Why was that ? Because my self – esteem was really higher and it was all because I used this technique called grapho – therapy. If you’ ve got children, or if you are a child (which we all are kind of like children in our own way), then you owe it to yourself to really use the science of grapho – therapy on yourself.

Because a few small changes in your handwriting can make you feel a lot different.You will feel how you always wanted to and you can achieve the kind of success you’ ve always dreamed of. In fact, because of the astounding success with children, I recently completed a workbook just for kids, grades 2 nd – 6 th.(I give it away at my cost in lots of 20 or more to ANY elementary school teacher who requests it.) If you have kids of this age, please get this workbook!This was the turning point in my transition from mediocre to successful! I don’ t think that I’ m“ God’ s Gift to Success, ” but I’ ll tell you what, if I hadn’ t met Dr. Walker and learned what handwriting traits to change, there is no way I would have graduated from Pepperdine University, and by the time I was 23 years old, my first book was published and I was seen by millions as a guest expert on national TV talk shows.

Now how did I accomplish all that ? Was it because I was the best handwriting expert in the country ? Great looking ? Have connections ? Lucky ? Not exactly.Here ‘s why: At that time I was a good analyst and I had studied for years, but it was because I set certain goals and set out on a path to make them a reality.I had a new certainty in my decisions.I had the confidence to pursue my goals and did not get stuck in the“ what if I fail” syndrome. Believe me, I had my share of naysayers.I actually had a high school teacher, Mrs. Ratcliff, tell me“ Seriously Bart, don’ t waste your time with this handwriting stuff…go to college and do something more mainstream.”

I should probably thank my father for being my role model for defiance of rules and real jobs.I didn’ t listen to Mrs.Ratcliff, who of course, never practiced any form of psychology, never wrote a book, and spent the best of her life teaching apathetic high school students the difference between Freud and Jung. How dare her judge what is right for me ? I hope you don’ t let ignorant people squash your dreams.People will pull you down to their level of mediocrity, only if you let them.

“Change Your Life in 30 Days” Workbook for Kids

Attention Parents and Teachers!

Raise your kids’ grades and self-image through handwriting changes.Read a summary of the article about Bart’s book
that appeared in December’s Family Life Magazine.

This article helped reach the masses of teachers, parents, and people who otherwise might not give handwriting the “scientific” recognition it might otherwise get as a tool for improving memory, dexterity, spelling, and confidence.Family Live Cover

Then, order the revolutionary new Workbook for Kids to begin lifelong changes! Your child simply practices specific handwriting strokes each day until they become a habit. As your child works through each day of the 30-day workbook, new behavior patterns are being formed.

Perfect for kids grades 3-7th. Package includes workbook and 30-minute MP3 which you listen to via the internet. It takes about 5-10 minutes per day to complete Day 1 – Day 30.

This book recommended for kids ages 4- 11 instead of the adult workbook because the middle zone lines are larger and the questions are simple. The adult workbook is a journal with college rule lines and sophistated questions.

If your child is older than 13, we suggest ordering the Adults Change Your Life in 30 Days Workbook.